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Below are a few screenshots of ELinks in action. If you have a nice shot that you think is missing please let us know.

Shots of the 0.10 branch with CSS and 256 colors

Older shots

Multiple downloads [size 40 KBytes]
A shot that shows how ELinks can handle multiple downloads. It's possible to either background them or background with notify.
Terminal colors [size 17 KBytes]
A picture showing how colors are rendered. There are maps for over 100 color names and RGB colors are converted to the nearest color possible to render.
Rendering of both tables and frames [size 20 KBytes]
ELinks can render both tables and frames which makes navigating sites using them to control page layout easy.
Internationalization [size 23 KBytes]
The user interface has been translated to many languages. If your language is not supported you might consider to help out and translate it.
Full UI driven configuration [size 11 KBytes] through Option manager [size 11 KBytes]
ELinks is highly configurable. All options and keybindings can be configured through an easy-to-use user interface.
Transparent background [size 64 KB]
A clean shot of ELinks running with transparent background. This way the background color of the terminal is used. Beware this is highly addictive.

There are more screenshots at http://links.sf.net.

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