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The various versions available for download
Experimental GIT snapshot: master tar.bz2 (sum) tar.gz (sum)
Unstable GIT snapshot: elinks-0.12 tar.bz2 (sum) tar.gz (sum)
Unstable prerelease: elinks-0.12pre6 tar.bz2 (sum) (asc) tar.gz (sum) (asc)
Stable GIT snapshot: elinks-0.11 tar.bz2 (sum) tar.gz (sum)
Current stable (codename Elated): elinks-0.11.7 tar.bz2 (sum) (asc) tar.gz (sum) (asc)
Other versions are no longer maintained; bug fixes will not be backported to them.


For people who prefer precompiled packages. If you know of some site that needs to be listed here please contact us.


ELinks via CVS

Note, as of 2005-09-15, the ELinks CVS interface has been obsoleted. We have moved to GIT, which should bring more flexibility to the development. Info on how to get ELinks via GIT is given in the following section.

ELinks via GIT

To get access to ELinks via GIT you will need to have the GIT tools installed on your system.

In the following we will only focus on getting the most recent version of the stable and unstable trees. See the GIT tutorial for basic instructions in using GIT, the GIT wiki for additional usage documentation, or the GIT manpages for information on doing more advanced things with GIT.

First, make the initial clone of the public ELinks GIT repository:

% git clone http://elinks.cz/elinks.git
% cd elinks

Then set up the stable branch. The last command should give you an idea of the current branches in the repository:

% git branch elinks-0.11 origin/elinks-0.11
% git branch -v
  elinks-0.11 e00b6cf Rewrite wiki to en.wikipedia.org, avoid server bug.
* master      4f658b6 gitignore: Add *.o for git status compatibility

The following instructions assume that your current directory is the newly cloned repository.

By default the latest unstable development version will be checked out in the newly created directory you just cloned. However, if you change branches you can always get back to the unstable branch by checking out the master branch:

% git checkout master

You can also get the latest stable development version via GIT. Note that development in the stable branch is more slow and mostly involves backporting of bug fixes. Just do this after you cloned the ELinks GIT repository:

% git checkout elinks-0.11

There may also be some other branches for separate development of some larger experimental features etc. The old CVS history is available in a separate archive that can be grafted onto either the stable or unstable tree by simply running the following command in the cloned ELinks repository:

% sh contrib/grafthistory.sh

Note, it requires wget(1) or curl(1) and will download about 80M.

You can browse the GIT tree online.

Getting ELinks up and running

Help to get ELinks installed on your system can be found on the installation page.

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