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ELinks News 2007

[2007-04-15] ELinks 0.11.3

This release merges a lot of changes from the unstable branch. It mainly focuses on bug fixes, while it also adds a few enhancements. Among the updates are various security related fixes, so people following the stable branch are advised to update.

Read the announcement (gmane)

[2007-03-17] ELinks 0.10 branch is no longer maintained

The "older stable" ELinks 0.10 branch is no longer maintained. ELinks 0.10.6 was the last release from this branch. If you are using it, please upgrade to ELinks 0.11.2, which contains many bug fixes. Some of these fixes have also been backported to the REL_0_10 branch in the ELinks Git repository, but not all.

ELinks 0.11.0 was released on 2006-01-01, a year ago. It seems unlikely that users who have not already upgraded to the 0.11 branch would be willing to upgrade to 0.10.7 either. Also, keeping track of backports to 0.10 was consuming time that could be better spent on working towards the 0.12.0 release.

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