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ELinks News 2005

[2005-12-06] 0.11rc0 released!

Here goes the first 0.11 release candidate, which will hopefully turn into 0.11.0 on the 24th of December. I decided not to do prereleases since there are not that much time and the 0.10.X's have kind of been prereleases of what you will find in 0.11rc0. Thus the list of features are not so long.

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[2005-09-16] Switching version control system from CVS to GIT

We are currently in the process of switching version control systems: retiring the old CVS in favour of the brand new GIT. Amongst other things this means that the ELinks CVS interface effectively will be obsolete as of this notice.

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[2005-09-15] The Copenhagen hackfest release of 0.10.6

Over the summer quite a few important updates have accumulated. Most importantly the problem with key presses turning up as key prefixes, which a lot of people has reported. Apart from the regular fixes this release also brings many smaller improvements which should hopefully make the life of the ELinks user much better.

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[2005-05-03] Monthly update to the stable branch - 0.10.5 released

This monthly update to the stable branch mostly brings you lots of bug fix and minor improvements. There is however also some changes which are a bit more experimental namely support for less aggressive caching. It is not perfect but it seems to do the right thing most of the time. Finally, the documentation is now available as one file in either plain text or HTML version.

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[2005-04-06] 0.10.4 is available for download

Trying to keep up with the months going by, here is the fourth update to the stable 0.10. There are still a lot of stuff going on. Besides the usual fixes we had to change the FTP parser due to licensing issues so be sure to report any problems. Also usability of the managers has been much improved from the improved keyboard accelerators for buttons.

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[2005-02-28] Presenting the third update to the stable branch

Another month has passed which means various bugfixes and improvements have accumulated so here comes 0.10.3. Amongst the most important fixes are opening of “unclean” bookmarks, handling of Refresh HTTP headers entries for empty documents and 2 rendering fixes. Sorry, no exciting new features to play with this time.

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[2005-02-10] Patches for the Win32 / MinGW port has been integrated in 0.11

Work by Gisle Vanem and Jonas Fonseca to get ELinks running on Windows has been integrated in 0.11. The port uses the MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows layer. However, the port is far from done since it is currently only possible to --dump documents, as can be seen on this screenshot.

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[2005-01-30] 0.10.2 has been released

Here goes another another sync with the unstable development branch. It contains a few new features, improvements and some very important fixes. The critical form bug (602) which was introduced shortly before 0.10 was branched has been fixed. As of this release the new stable branch is considered worthy for inclusions in various distributions.

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[2005-01-04] 0.10.1 is up for grabs!

This update to the 0.10 branch - which is most of all a synchronization with all the goodies in the 0.11 development branch - brings you more documentation improvements. Our native English speaker has even proof-read some of it so you should be able to actually make sense of it. ;) One new feature has been added: It is now possible to resize terminals when running ELinks in an X windowing systems. Else you will find lots of small nice bugfixes.

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