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ELinks News 2003

[2003-12-24] Merry Christmas from all ELinks developers - 0.9.0 released

0.5rc4 was released as 0.9.0 with a few changes in documentation and translation updates. Go get it.

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[2003-12-24] Releases leading up to ELinks 0.5

Most of all they contains lots of fixes, but they also has quite a bit of interesting features. Support for local CGI and SMB protocol was added. Managers for cache, cookies, downloads and form history and moving of all the manager tools to new submenu should improve usability. Builtin user prefixes in the goto dialog (like the the scripting interface has provided) and a the still experimental typeahead link searching is also noteworthy.

Read the 0.5pre11, 0.5pre12, 0.5rc1, 0.5rc2, 0.5rc3 and 0.5rc4 announcements.

[2003-11-17] Roadmap for the ELinks 0.5

Pasky put together a document describing the roadmap towards the next stable release. Ideally, ELinks should be The Killer Text Browser at the time of 0.5.0 and there is still quite a few features planned. Among them local CGI support and cursor routing.

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[2003-11-15] Next step towards a stable 0.5.0 was released

It is 0.5pre9 with a few almost meaningless changes. Mostly fixes that should make up for the very unstable 0.5pre8 release. Also a lot of bugzilla (enhancement) bugs was closed in this release.

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[2003-10-31] 0.5pre8 has been released

Another batch of internal restructuring and cleanups that should make startup a little faster and the binary a bit smaller. A callout to any OS/2, BeOS and Win32 people to test the OS cleanups on these platforms and report back any problems or whether it still works.

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[2003-10-20] Shrinking ELinks

Zas has put together a document giving tips to obtain a very small static ELinks binary suitable for mini distributions. With the use of dietlibc or similar, size optimizing compiler flags and trimming a few extra features he ended up with a binary with the size of 453412 bytes.

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[2003-10-12] 0.5pre7 has been released - go get it!

Apart from the two new features mentioned in the two past news entries it features lots of translation updates, fixes for Cygwin by Witold and fixes ported from links 0.99pre9 by pasky. Finally the missing palette.inc from 0.5pre6 should now be included in the tarball, jonas excuses ;) Anyway lots of reasons for upgrading.

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[2003-10-04] Regex searching

It is now possible to use (extended) regular expressions when searching in a document. Karsten Schölzel did the work. Also other minor improvements of the searching has entered CVS. Amongst them the possibility to choose whether the search should be case sensitive or case insensitive and also storing of the search history across ELinks sessions.

[2003-10-02] 256 colors

Support for 256 colors has been merged from the RAINBOW branch and will be available in next unstable release. With this compiled in pages are now even more colorful. It is still experimental and lack a proper color model to avoid bad fore- and background colors. If you want to try it out you should also install xterm configured with --enable-256-colors.

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[2003-09-27] 0.5pre6 released

Another release mostly consisting of code cleanups and restructuring. Most noteworthy new feature is support for HTML meta refresh provided by Witold.

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[2003-09-04] Alternate screen

ELinks now supports switching to an alternate screen at startup. This means that the console will be restored when ELinks is closed. The initially development was done by Miciah in the ELUSION branch and later ported to HEAD and fixed by Zas to work properly.

[2003-09-03] 0.5pre5 and 0.4.3rc2 released

Pasky decided to bump up the versions for both the stable and unstable branch, to 0.4.3rc2 and 0.5pre5 respectively. Neither adds any major new features but important bugfixes.

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[2003-08-01] HTML Form manager

Fabio cooked up a patch for managing logins. This will save a troubled and forgetful mind.

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[2003-07-24] Your dreams have been answered: Scripting ELinks with guile

Back in December 2002 Peter Wang mentioned that he had some incomplete patch that embedded Guile into ELinks. Peter is also the author of the Lua scripting interface that has been part of ELinks from the very start. The patch was merged today by pasky. It still needs some work to match the possibilities of ELinks Lua scripting. If you are interesting to see it grow healthy, please start playing with it and feedback reports or patches.

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[2003-07-23] 0.5pre3 has been released

Changes include restructuring of the URI parsing which should give some small speedups, lots of smaller cleanups and some bug fixes.

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[2003-07-16] 0.5pre2 is available for download

It contains some optimizations like zas' fastfind, a few new smaller features and the beginning work of better sanity checking through use of assertion. Also the restructured MIME handling system was finally introduced.

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[2003-06-15] Time for celebration - 0.5pre1 finally released

The session history corruption bug that was one of the reasons for holding back the release was fixed by pasky. Together with the transition to use printf style format strings in message boxes the main goals for the 0.5pre1 release has been reached.

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[2003-06-13] Notifications of cvs commits are now also sent to CIA

This means you can sit in either the #elinks or the #commits irc channel on irc.freenode.net and follow when ELinks is being developed in real time. CIA also collects some simple statistics.

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[2003-06-05] First 0.4.3 release candidate is available

Finally there is a new, shiny although still not quite complete Iceberg release! This little pile of ice is mainly a bug fix release, a prophet of probably the last Iceberg release. A lot of interesting stuff is going on in the middle of the clouds in Skyrider, and there is a quite long queue for some others. But that's another subject.

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[2003-05-09] Bugzilla is up

Pasky started toying with bugzilla and it is now used to keep track of bugs and feature requests. Also you will find bugs that denote a rough sketch of the roadmap for future development, like which milestones some of the bigger features have been scheduled for. It resides at http://bugzilla.elinks.cz.

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[2003-05-06] Mailing list changes

Cliff announced the renaming of the mailing lists. Now they better mirror their actual usage and it should be less confusing. Also a new list elinks-users has been created.

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[2003-05-02] Tabbed browsing in unstable

Sergey provided a patch that features tabbed browsing. Thank you very much for this killer feature! :)

[2003-01-26] The release of 0.4.2

Containing a lot of fixes but also added support for the HTTP TRACE request.

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