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Thanks to Mikulas Patocka for the excellent browser on which ELinks is based and for the long hours, gained experience and occasional amusement when deciphering and cleaning its source.

Thanks also to Karel, Petr Kulhavy and Michal Pergl for inspiration for new features, and longer hours and constant amusement when deciphering code produced by them.

Thanks to HSTI for sponsoring ELinks development.

Thanks to Gerard Beekmans for providing us the resources for our mailing lists at linuxfromscratch.org servers.

Thanks to Jan Sembera for providing us the space and bandwidth on his server for elinks.or.cz and cvs.elinks.or.cz.

Thanks to Petr Baudis for hosting the cvs repository and the cvs commit mailing list.

Many more have contributed to ELinks. Check the authors page for a complete list.

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